Range Rover Sport gets a new engine for 2018

10/16/2017 22:43:19
Range Rover Sport gets a new engine for 2018
Range Rover Sport gets some new features for 2018. Sure, it’s not going to be a full blown remake, but for a mid-cycle refresh it’s just great.

Range Rover Sport gets some new features and interesting changes for 2018. Sure, it’s not going to be a full blown remake, but for a mid-cycle refresh it’s just great. Starting with a new engine and much more tech, the 2018 Range Rover gets very close to a beautiful transformation. I’ll get to all the new goodies, tech, powertrain, and otherwise in just a bit, but let me get the bottom line out of the way first. The 2018 Range Rover Sport goes for . . . are you kidding me? Sheesh! I mean, I know these things are expensive, but I had to read the specs twice to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke. The 2018 Range Rover Sport starts at a little less than 67-thousand dollars and tops out at a little under 114-thousand. That’s like Porsche Carrera territory. And yes, yes, I know. Range Rovers can go places and do things that Porsches etc. cannot do, but that is a lot of money to pay for a fancy jeep. But I get it. One of the fun things about being rich is letting other people know how rich you are, or so they tell me.



So what do you get for the cost of a nice tract home in Dearborn, Michigan? Honestly, you do get a lot, and it’s pretty nice stuff. The company says the upcoming 2018 Range Rover Sport (it should be arriving at U.S. dealers by early 2018) is “transformed by new technology.” It will feature an updated interior and exterior, along with enhancements to the powertrain, greater powertrain choices, and a buffet of tech goodies throughout. The upcoming Range Rover Sport lineup will consist of V6 and V8 gasoline models, a V6 diesel variant and, topping out the range, is the fastest Range Rover Sport to date, the 575 horsepower Sport SVR. Now, why you’d want a particularly fast truck/jeep/thing is a little beyond me at the moment, but, given that the SVR is capable of hitting 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, no one is going to call it underpowered or slow. A plug-in hybrid electric powertrain is planned for 2019.



The revamp of the new Range Rover’s exterior aims to modernize the design and make the Sport look more dynamic, without changing its character. In other words, it still looks like a big box The Queen would drive around, only better. The front end has been reworked with a new LED headlight design alongside a redesigned grille. The lights and the grill are also better integrated with the new bumper and there’s a more aggressive profile overall.


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